Harry (just_harry) wrote,

Merry Christmas, late, anyway. Happy Boxing Day. Thanks for all the cards. I'm sorry I forgot some people and my cards were really dumb. I didn't have time to look for good ones so I just got the first ones I found.

Remus is getting better but he's still in bed. I can't tell if he likes the socks I got him or if he's just pretending because he reacts the same way when people give him fruit cakes. Hermione and Ginny came to St Mungo's today, which was really nice even though Hermione looks beat because someone gave her a load of work for the hols. We went to Diagon Alley because I've only really been to St Mungo's and Dogear Wryde lately and Ginny wanted to see something anyway. We went and saw Fred and George, too, and I think they got a lot of business for Christmas because they had stuff all organised, which was weird.

And we saw Percy, too. He was busy though.

Anyway, we went to Fortescue's and the ice cream was still just as good even though it was cold out.

New Years is coming up and I don't know what I'll do for that. It would be nice if Remus got out of hospital by then. But I reckon it's pretty hard to get out of hospital when someone poisons your drinks with silver. Yeah. I'm at Dogear Wryde now so I'll probably just have dinner and go to sleep and then go to St Mungo's tomorrow. I still have to send Hedwig out with some more stuff for Christmas. I'm really sorry about it being late.
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