Harry (just_harry) wrote,

Ron cooked me breakfast in bed for his good deed for today, so that was pretty interesting. He woke me up kind of early, but I had to trim the twigs on Justin's broom before Sirius's lesson today anyway so it was a good thing I got up.

I haven't really seen that much of Justin all week. Every time I find him it's the back of him because he's already leaving the room. I followed him a couple times, but I think he started thinking I was following him everywhere so I stopped that. I emailed him a few times and sent him a couple notes with Hedwig, but he didn't answer them, and yeah. So that was great. Then he cursed me a bunch of times when I wasn't looking in the dungeons this morning and I still don't know why. I didn't mean to knock him out but now everyone in Hufflepuff is probably going to think I'm out to get him. Or at least they will now that I just said that. I don't think anyone knows who hit anyone in the dungeons, to be honest. Snape started putting curses on Sirius as soon as he came in, and I reckon someone thought that was what we were supposed to be doing too and then everyone started doing it back to everyone else. Everyone keeps transfiguring everyone else's wands now, too, and I kind of wish they wouldn't. Hermione and Ernie had cauldrons on their heads, and I thought someone put them there but they were using them as helmets. You would think you'd be able to figure out whose idea that was, but I can't even tell.

Sirius was in hospital all day because he put Snape's rooms on the Quidditch pitch. It was just really, really funny. I think he did it piece by piece, like with Colin and that car last year. Maybe he just moved them. I don't really know. Anyway I don't think it's worse than having Sirius's chair turn into a bathtub in the middle of lunch.

We have to fill out questions about our partners and I don't know what to say at all because Justin is too busy reading Martin Miggs to answer the questions so I hope we're not getting marks for it or anything. Tomorrow we're having a big feast in the Three Broomsticks and if I have to sit with Justin he's probably going to put a curse on me for putting a curse on him. I only put a curse on him because he put some on me first anyway. At least we're getting our stuff back. I didn't know what my prized possession was before. I don't think anyone expected theirs to be what it was, so that was kind of neat. Some people had funny ones and some people had serious ones and it was sort of fun to see what people had. I wasn't really surprised about mine when I found out. I didn't think about it and I didn't notice anything was missing when I woke up, and then when everyone said we were missing something all I could think about was my Quidditch gloves because I couldn't find them last week, which is really stupid. But trying to think about it I couldn't think of anything else, you know? Ron had them anyway.
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