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It's the full moon this weekend, you know.

Sirius is still the best cook ever. I don't really have much else to say. I'm sorry I missed the last Quidditch practice before break and I'm sorry I keep doing my essays wrong. And, no. I haven't heard anything about Professor Lupin, and no you don't have to whisper about it when you think I might hear, and no you don't have to talk to me about it in little letters on here either. It's not like everyone doesn't know and it's not like Hagrid isn't still teaching Care of Magical Creatures so you really don't have to act like I'm going to be surprised if I hear you say something and you don't have to act like no one else knows either.

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Remus is leaving on Saturday. He said he'll be back before Christmas though, which is good because I want to have it at Dogear Wryde this year. Last year I just stayed at Hogwarts. Some people are being really rotten to Hermione right now. I don't know why, because it's not like she deserves it. She's got detention and everything and Hermione never gets detention.

Anyway, Hagrid is taking over Remus's lessons and he said he has an idea for something really exciting, so I'm worried about that. It probably means he's found something that can kill you with its ear but is really really cute or something. He won't tell me what it is so I can't even talk him out of it. Remus said he'll talk some sense into him so I hope that works.

I'm sorry I forgot to update this. I just never have anything to say, you know? I mean, it's kind of weird writing stuff where everyone can read it, and it's boring talking about lessons because everyone was there anyway so they already know about lessons. I guess I just don't have anything to say to anyone that I wouldn't already say to them. I'm pretty tired today. We just had practice and Ginny is looking great. She's a great Chaser and it's a good thing she's on the team. Most of the snow is gone off the pitch already but it was still cold. Evan likes playing with snow on the pitch because he says it helps us play in all weathers, only I don't really know why he says that, because we don't practise when it's snowing hard, just when there's snow on the ground and we don't even play on the ground so it's not like the snow really even effects us at all. One time Wood threw snowballs at us so we could learn to dodge but that seemed like it was a bit much. Evan doesn't go that far.

Only he heard me telling Ron that at practice and now I think he's going to try it too.
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Uncle Vernon finally had the professional in this afternoon to set up my internet connection. Once I finally got the mail program configured, it nearly crashed from all the notices about my comments. I haven't sorted them all yet but thanks, everyone. I miss you all too.

Everyone else is asleep now, but I pretty much slept all day. I missed dinner tonight which is fine, because I probably wouldn't have gone anyway. The first week or so it was all right, I guess. They kept trying to take me out to places they thought I would like and Aunt Petunia got these funny twitchy tremory things when she was trying to find a place that made pizza like Sirius makes. They're still trying, more or less, but I'd rather just sit up in my room than be around them no matter how hard they try to be decent.

Mainly I've just been going through my stuff in my trunk. I guess it was Seamus and Ron and all who packed it, so thanks. It's alot easier to find stuff than it was the last couple of years. I found some stuff that I forgot that I even had. I don't know, really, it's like all those things that happened right before we left, it's was kind of hard to believe that it all really happened. And this stuff, I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it or if I should even have it, really. It's like maybe it should belong to someone else. I missed everything, and maybe none of this should feel very real.

It's late and it's quiet now, and it's not nearly so hot. I was thinking could maybe go down to the park or something, but it closes at sundown. Probably no one would notice anyway. But anway, I'm glad you guys are all having a good holiday, pretty much. Thanks for the owls and the comments and everything.
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Hi, everyone! I'm fine! I'm updating from Dudley's computer because Uncle Vernon is rolling around on my bedroom floor tangled up in cords. He's been trying to get the cable connected to my laptop since right after we got home, but the wires are way too smart for him. I almost offered to help, but it's really funnier this way. Also, just watching him get purpler and purpler as the we got closer to the end of three days has been a blast. I'm only in Dudley's room now because listening to Dudley howl about it isn't anywhere near as awful to my aunt and uncle as the idea that Sirius might show up on the doorstep. Anyway, I'm okay, you don't have to worry or anything, and this is actually the best couple of days I've ever spent in this house. I should have thought to bring a convicted mass murderer and a werewolf to meet them ages ago.

I'm going to cut it short because I can't watch Uncle Vernon from here, and anyway, this room really stinks.
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Sirius is the best cook ever. He made me pizza last night and it wasn't like any pizza I've had before ever. He said he learned to make it like that when he was travelling, and he said that next time he was making it Chicago style, if I thought this was good.

I think we woke Remus up, even though he said he was awake already. We didn't get back until about 2 in the morning yesterday and I know we weren't as quiet as we should have been when we came in. He had a few slices with us and then he told us to go to bed and that he would clean up since we were leaving pretty early this morning for Figiliona.

I thought I would get lots of revision done this weekend but in the end I didn't get any done at all. I was kind of hoping for a quiet weekend, but Saturday morning it turned out that we were having guests. It got pretty crowded pretty quick, so as soon as people started showing up, Sirius and I decided we'd just take the bike and go. It would have been better if Remus could have come too, but he stayed with Seamus and Mrs Malfoy instead.

We rode around for a few hours and I told him about how Uncle Vernon and Aunt Marge took Dudley to EuroDisney last summer, and Dudley said that it was brilliant. I always kind of wanted to see what he was talking about because he made it sound like it had to be cool. Sirius knew where there was a portkey there that was only a couple of hours away and we had enough fuel so we decided to go right then. We even got to take his bike through the portkey with us so we could ride around when we got there.

EuroDisney was awful, though. There was almost no one there and we wandered around for about an hour or so. We stopped at a concession and got popcorn and I have never had popcorn that was that disgusting in my whole life. It was way too sweet and soggy and it was absolutely gross. We had a few bites and decided that we'd had enough, so we left.

We rode around for a while and we thought about going to Italy, but by then it was getting pretty late so we stopped for dinner and then headed back for the portkey so we could go home and then go to Italy on Sunday instead.

We were supposed to try to find Maloney today but we didn't even really get started. We looked in this amazing Quidditch supply store in the centre of Figiliona, and we almost didn't come back out again. I haven't seen any place like it ever before. I finally got my own set of Quidditch balls and Sirius and I found hoops, too. They had all sorts but we found one set that we figured we could get back to Dogear Wryde with us and set up. They had people you could hire to set them up for you, but we looked at the instructions and it doesn't look hard at all. We figured that we could probably do it ourselves, no problem. I bet Remus is going to think it's really cool, too, but Sirius and I thought maybe we should stop by this candy store in Geneva for chocolates for Remus, just in case. We're going to put them up maybe next Sunday. I thought of just the place in the garden where they should go.

We got back late tonight too, and I asked Sirius if he would write me out of my first couple of classes tomorrow, but he figured I should probably go anyway. He says he'll cook me breakfast in the morning before we go back, and that's almost worth it.
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I really don't care if I never have to deal with another Runespoor ever again. I stopped by this evening and the one that we managed to put a clampjaw curse on last night seemed to be okay, but the rest had bitten themselves bloody. I put the clampjaw on them, too, and I hope Remus doesn't mind, but I'm just so sick of them I don't even really care if they gnaw their own heads off. I figured it was probably okay since he didn't say anything about the first one when I saw him this morning.

It took forever to get to sleep last night because when I got back I found out that someone had dumped a bunch of junk all over my bed, and I thought I got it all cleared off, but whenever I turned I kept rolling over onto another stupid action figure or snow globe or something. Ron and I went through all the stuff after dinner and he kept a few things but most of it we just tried to burn. It wasn't long before it stunk up the whole common room, though, so I don't know how I'm going to get rid of it all now.

Remus and Sirius say I can have Ron and Hermione over this summer as much as I want, and Ron might come with us on some of our trips. I hope so, anyway. I think I'm ready for summer holidays to start right now.
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Mrs Malfoy, I don't know if you're reading this, but I hope you are. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for my journal account. It was really nice of you and everything runs alot faster now, so thank you.

I'm waiting around for Seamus because we're going to Hogsmeade today, but I haven't seen him yet.

I'm still trying to decide where Sirius and Remus and I should on holiday. Ron and I were thinking of maybe Italy. I've always really wanted to go to Figiliona, but maybe summer isn't the best time for it with the season over and all. Maybe we can go next Christmas. Evan says it's dumb to think that we'd be able to meet Maloney anyway, but it's a small town and he still has to get used to it, so I think the chances that we might run into him are really pretty good.

Ginny thinks I should ask if we could go to China, and she's right, it sounds great. She told me all about old wizard dynasties and apparently one of the monasteries in the south is really the oldest wizarding school in the world that's still running. She says that it's almost 3000 years old. I guess that would be kind of cool to see, but she also says that it's hidden pretty well, so I'm not sure if we could even find it. I don't know if I'd want to spend a holiday looking at old schools anyway, and I know there's alot more to do there, but China's so far away. Dean says that if China's too far away that Ireland is really nice. If it was next summer, it would be dead easy to pick, but I don't know if Sirius and Remus would let us stay in Argentina for the whole Cup.

But really I don't know if I want to go anywhere at all. I kind of think it will just be nice to just be at Dogear Wryde for the summer. I think it will be fun just to have friends visit and maybe instead of a big trip, we could just take alot of small trips around the country. But I don't know. I still have to think about it.

I think I hear Seamus, so I'm going.
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I want to go home now. Can someone take me home?
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There's no Potions today which is lucky, really, because I need the extra time to work on my speech. I've never been a best man before and I didn't realise the speech part of it. I know what I want to say, but I'm not even very good at giving speeches in class, so I'm pretty nervous about it. Ron and Hermione and I all went shopping at Hogsmeade last weekend, so I think that my dress robes will be okay. Ron says they look fine, and Hermione said she'll help me with my tie tomorrow. So that will probably be okay, but I'm still pretty nervous.

It's a good thing that Professor Lupin is a man again. It was really pretty creepy to see him as a woman, and I was getting worried that he might never change back. The wedding would have been just too weird if he wasn't a man again. Ron and Hermione and Seamus and Ginny and Cho and I tried to get him to go flying with us, but he seemed kind of uncomfortable with flying as a girl. Cho offered him some pointers, but he just said maybe some other time. Who knew that it would be that different? He told me that he tried to give Mrs Malfoy some lessons, too, but that it didn't go very well.

Ron wants to play chess again now, since we get a free hour. I've won about ten games off of him in the last two weeks, which is kind of new. I think I'm going to have to find a quiet place to work on the speech, though, because it will never be ready at this rate.
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