Harry (just_harry) wrote,

We went to Percy Weasley's wedding on Saturday. Things were kind of weird. Hermione was my date and I think Mrs Weasley is angry at us but we didn't really get to talk to her. It was a nice wedding though, there weren't alot of people there so it wasn't a huge crowd or anything which is nice. I met some of Ron's cousins and his uncles and I'd never met them before, everyone has red hair and one of Mr Weasley's brothers has something like eight kids so it was neat. And I reckon I'm the only person who didn't know that Bill's girlfriend was Fleur Delacour. No one else seemed surprised to see her there so I felt kind of dumb.

Ron's hand is better, so we want to play Quidditch on Saturday. If anyone else wants to play they can, and Ginny had better be there. We should probably be studying but I think I'm going to explode soon. The more I study I feel like I know even less because I'm trying to remember everything and it makes me forget the old stuff and then I can barely remember the new stuff either. Sirius says you have to take breaks so I think Quidditch counts.

You have to get alot of N.E.W.T.s for Auror study so at least we're doing the same thing but I wish I was doing something easier. I don't even know if I should be aiming to be an Auror or not but I can't think of anything I'd rather do. Ernie Macmillan always makes Unspeakables sound so cool but what do they even do? I think he's taking the N.E.W.T.s to be one but he's not saying what he's taking for it anyway. Unspeakables might turn out to do something really awful so I'd rather try to be an Auror. I think I'm going to do horribly though, Ron and Hermione are both really obsessed about studying and I feel like I'm slacking.
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