Harry (just_harry) wrote,

Today was okay. It's Thursday, so we had the afternoon free, and I had the morning free too. Really we just had Transfiguration and Charms. I think I'm better at Charms than Transfiguration, because we've been learning to transfigure Professor McGonagall's desk into a pig and mine only ever gets a snout and sometimes a tail but it's still a desk.

I wish Quidditch wasn't over. On Saturday Ron and Ginny and Evan and I went to the pitch threw the Quaffle around and let the Snitch out but it wasn't really exciting, you know? It was fun because it was Quidditch and flying, but sometimes we just handed the Quaffle over to each other, it wasn't like a real match. It was fun though.

Hermione's going really mad about N.E.W.T.s. Which is a huge shock. We're having tea with Hagrid later so I reckon I should probably eat a really big dinner so I'm full.

I wish term wasn't almost over. It feels like it was just Christmas. It's weird how fast things go. I mean, it's weird that we're even seventh years. First year wasn't that long ago, but it must have been because it was six years. Things change too much, I think, but I guess it's good sometimes.
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